Tips to Beat the Winter Blahs!

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Are the short days and cold weather getting you down? Here are some fun ideas to help you beat the season. Stay warm out there!  

Get Outside and Play
Bundle up and get outside for some exercise, especially on sunny days. Sunlight is a natural mood-enhancer and exercise stimulates and warms the body. Check out some great sledding spots here.

Visit A Spa or Set One Up At Home
That bitter cold doesn't just make people blue; it also wreaks havoc on their skin. Combat both with a pampering trip to a day spa or set one up at home.

Give a Room a Bright New Look
If your house is contributing to your blahs, supercharge a room or two with summery decorative elements. Throwing a fresh coat of yellow paint on the walls, or adding bunches of fresh tulips, candles or accessories from favorite vacations won't just warm the room; it will warm you too.

Add Splashes of Color to Your Wardrobe
Pep up the wardrobe too. Add an orange scarf for healing and peaceful feelings, a lime green jacket to balance your mood, or a red blouse for energy.

Get Rid of Clutter
Take advantage of all the time spent indoors. Organize closets, clean out the refrigerator, and purge old files. Most people report that having a handle on their household clutter increases their peace of mind and happiness.

Fire Up the Crockpot
On a cold winters day there's nothing better than some warm comfort food! Make it easy by using a crockpot. Just set it and forget it. Added bonus -the scents of your favorite recipe will simmer through your home all day long.